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THe P.I.V system's superiority compared to other mechanical variators lies in the fact that it functions like a variable ratio reduction gear. The mechanism consists of a laminated chain that feeds into the converging grooves of two pairs of conical discs.
The whole is contained in an oil-tight casing and is oil lubricated.
The main characteristics of such a positive transmission system are the
following :
 High efficiency ( similar to a reduction gear )
 High speed stability and precise regulation
 Minimal wear
 High overload capacity. Power is distributed over a large chain arc contact, not point
   contact as in friction drives.
This is the ratio between the maximum and the minimum speed. It can be 6:1, 3.5:1 or 2:1. To ensure maximum utilisation of the transmissable power the selected ration should not be greater than that required.
For ratios other than 6:1, 3.5:1 or 2:1 Please consult Wellman Bibby.
The optimum allowable input, according to the model and the selected ratio of variation, ranges from 1450 to 870 rpm. Lower input speeds are premissible with the nominal power reduced proportionately.
In the case of an input speed equal to or lower than 50 rpm and increased oil level is required and speed adjustment is increased.
Ahard wheel control is supplied as standard. Electric or pneumatic remote control can be supplied, with the option of manual or electronic regulation control.
The standard variator is provided with a graduated dial giving a speed reference. On request the variators can be fitted with speed detection devices (AC or DC tcho generator or potentiometer) used with an ordinary speed indicator (volt meter or digital indicator) or connected to a regulator system.
This system continually supervises the chain tension in order to maintain a constant tension and to balance chain wear and length. Life validity ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 hours depending on working conditions.
According to the application, input or output attachments can be added (IE motor, reducer, torque limiter, differential) to the basic variator, maintaining the monobloc transmission group.
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