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Mechanical Variators was invented and designed by an Englishman between the first and the second world war. Stone Wall work (part of the Stone group-UK) was the first company in the world to manufacture mechanical variators / PIV gear boxes. During the sixties the Stone group quit and the company became Wallwork Gears Ltd.
In the early 1970's a new design P.I.V. unit was developed known as Series 70 later known as ‘M' series. To signify a change to the metric standards.

The company changed management several times. It was part of the textile Machinery group

Platt Saco Laval. Saco Laval quit and it became Platt industries. Stone joined again and then it was Stone Platt Industries.

In early 1990s a well known coupling manufacturer, acquired this company.

Then the company was known as Bibby Transmissions, PIV divisions and during this transition the company ceased manufacturing complete PIV units, although they retained the capacity to manufacture only spare parts for their old P.I.V. units in service worldwide.

It is our pleasure to announce the revival of the original PIV manufacturing company known as,

(Original producers of PIV units)
Park House,
Greenhill Crescent, Watford,
Herts, WD18 8PH

Tel. No. 00 44 1923 242266
Fax No. 00 44 1923 251212
We are now in position to offer services and manufacture all PIV units of old series ‘A' and ‘U' type series 71-72-73 and M1 to M10 units.

All customers/end users can now obtain Original Chains and Spare Parts.

all your inquires at the above address.
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